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Female / 22 / Animation Illustration

Attending San Jose State University to get my degree in Animation / Illustration. But more importantly to receive an ounce of greatness that attaining knowledge can give.

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  1.  Harpy
  2. Centaur

  3. Slime

  4. Naga

  5. Mermaid

  6. Spider Girl

  7. Plant Girl

  8. Octomaid

  9. Demon

  10. Succubus

  11. True Monster

  12. Zombie

  13. Insect Girl

  14. Dullahan

  15. Dragon/Reptile Girl

  16. Ghost

  17. Robot

  18. Alien

  19. Cyclops

  20. Satyr

  21. Canine Girl

  22. Feline Girl

  23. Yōkai

  24. Multiple Limbs

  25. Favorite Monster Girl Type

  26. Favorite Monster Girl Character

  27. A Truly Gruesome Girl

  28. A Group of Monster Girls Together

  29. A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other

  30. Celebrate Monster Girls!

Ahhh. I’m doing this in October for Halloween!!!


Tree King by Snod

(via itsadani)

happy birthday zetallis

Kill La Kill. I can&#8217;t.

Kill La Kill. I can’t.

a lot happened when i sketched tonight.

My Dearest Lucky, I always heard the saying “dog’s are a man’s best friend” but I don’t think I ever really realized it until now. I never knew the ways you influenced me and saved me until after you were gone. You were more than just my best friend, you were a blessing, and really a guardian angel sent to me in some of my darkest times.

Thanks for all the adventures and incredibly wet kisses. I love you so much. I was really the lucky one.

i did it.
click image above for pixel size.

i did it.

click image above for pixel size.

click for actual pixel size.

click for actual pixel size.

this has become a mako appreciation blog.

can you guess where i work?

something i painted up for fun tonight.

p.s. this is not for gaia this is just for fun. hahaha. !!

p.s.s. click the second image to see it at 100% (so much smaller.)