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Female / 22 / Animation Illustration

Attending San Jose State University to get my degree in Animation / Illustration. But more importantly to receive an ounce of greatness that attaining knowledge can give.

Ask me anything. <3
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oh wow it’s like im doing a fanart

between school and commissions crazyyyy.

Art happened.

For Spring Break I took an entire week off of drawing to rest (I had some tightness in my wrist and figured that it would be good to relax, and I went to Emerald City Comic Con!)

But here is stuff.

(Also, for those that I owe commissions, I am SO sorry. I am working on those and should be done very shortly. ;3; Again, really sorry.)

bird: im perpetuating a cliche

hi carpal tunnel. :C

needing some words of encouragement. i forgot how to draw for fun.

my reaction when i see my own animation

i miss you

No more avoiding the homework.

trying a different kind of painting.

Quick speedpaint of some hair!


Hello everyone!!

I just recently reached 350 followers! Thank you all SO much for the love and support!

So to honor you, I am doing a giveaway. I am giving away of 2 commissions!

I have a few rules:

-You must reblog this post. Liking it increases your chances too! (Reblogging more than once will increase your chances. :D)

-I am using a number generator to pick the winners.

-I will be giving away two full body colored digital commissions. (Cute style or realistic.)

-I am ending it on February 1st.

-Please have your ask box/fanmail open so I can message you if you win!!


I hope you know that I believe in you! And I always will! No matter what dark corner your life takes a turn down, I will be there for you!

No one is unredeemable.
EVERYONE is worth the effort. EVERYONE deserves someone believing in them.

So no matter how you feel about yourself at this moment or in the future, know that I love you!

A painting of one of my lovely friends!!!

All nighter tonight!

Commission for the lovely @staubwirbel. C:

nightly speed paint! lion speedpaint. 30 min.